Entrepreneurs are generally busy individuals. However, you should shun some of the activities that will help you grow your businesses. Many have not had time to use Facebook to market their services while others are finding it difficult to balance Facebook and other activities. Luckily, this guide will offer three vital Facebook marketing tips for these busy entrepreneurs.

Time Yourself

Facebook and the internet at large can be quite addictive. This means that if you do not plan your time carefully, you can find yourself glued to your computer screen the whole day at the expense of other important activities. This is why busy entrepreneurs must always time themselves when on Facebook. Start by establishing the amount of time you spend on Facebook then find a way to minimize this time. One of the best ways of doing this is by allocating time blocks of about 10 minutes per session and limiting the number of sessions to 3 or 4 a day.

Come up With Triggers

You can easily know that you are wasting time if you have a trigger that alerts you after a specified period. Doing this will make you work with purpose and eliminates time wasting. Once you have come up with an effective habit of managing your online time, you will realize that you become more productive and purpose-driven.


Automation is important in managing time while also getting the job done. You can still go on with your travels and running your marketing campaigns while your Facebook page is still running. There are numerous software and online tools that you can use for this. Although some of them will cost you a few dollars, it is a worthy investment since you will reach your fans. However, note that despite this automation, it is pertinent that you manually get involved from time to time. The human element adds authenticity to your Facebook campaign.

No matter how busy you are, it is always possible to find time for social media marketing. These tips will help you work smart and bring in more leads and sales for your business.